Lavazza Blue LB2210 Espresso Machine

Lavazza Blue LB2210 single-serve espresso machine.

Designed to exclusively brew Lavazza coffee capsules to make a single cup of espresso, the Lavazza Blue LB2210 Espresso Machines delivers coffee the way Italians, said to be the world's foremost coffee-lovers, drink it.

The machine is rather large, with dimensions of 11" W x 18" D x 15½" H. Its water reservoir with a capacity of one gallon undoubtedly contributes to its bulk, but it does provide the convenience of not having to refill it often.

Its design is quite simple, yet it looks stylish, even modern. Colored gray and silver, it can complement the convection toaster oven sitting on your kitchen counter. Two spouts project from the front panel, one for the espresso to drip through, while the other is actually a frother wand for your cappuccinos, lattes, or Americanos. Below the spout and frother is a cup warming plate that helps keep your espresso piping hot.

Inside the machine is a water pump that can spray heated water on the coffee grounds within the Lavazza capsule at a 15-bar pressure. This results in the optimum extraction of the flavor and aroma of the grounds as the pressurized water flows through them and drips into a waiting cup or mug below the spout.

After filling the water tank and dropping a coffee capsule into the Lavazza Blue LB2210 Espresso Machine, all you need to do to start brewing your espresso is to press a single button. You do not even have to remove the used capsule immediately after brewing, even if you want to brew another cup, as there is a receptacle inside the machine that collects them. You can wait for them to accumulate and dry before disposing so you won't have to handle wet capsules.

Lavazza Blue LB2210 Single-Serve Espresso Machine Lavazza Blue LB2210 Single-Serve Espresso Machine for Sale
List Price: $1,500.00


Lavazza BLUE 2210 is a single-serve espresso system that combines design, quality and convenience for a superior coffee solution. It provides maximum flexibility for satisfying different usage requirements, meeting the needs of operators from low to high volume, while maintaining consistent quality and greater coffee selection for all...


  • 1250-watt single-serve espresso machine with 15 bars of pump pressure
  • Simple one-touch operation; 4 programmable brew settings; LCD display
  • Uses pre-ground, pre-sealed capsules; hot-water or milk-frothing wand
  • Patented brew group; 1-gallon water tank; cup-warming plate; used-capsule container
  • Measures 18 by 11 by 15-1/2 inches; 1-year limited warranty
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