Brookstone Item 515395 Single Cup Coffee Maker

Brookestone item 515395 single cup coffee maker with mug and scoop.

Designed like a cylinder with slight bulges on the sides and finished with a brushed stainless look, the Brookstone Item 515395 Single Cup Coffee Maker looks like a machine that you might expected to find on Virgin Galactic spaceships. The black top lid, and the cavity where the included coffee mug rests contrast attractively with the silver of the machine's body. There are also two vertical black highlights flanking the opening running from top to bottom.

It is easy to make a quick cup of coffee with the Brookstone coffee maker. You can use the supplied coffee mug to pour water into the reservoir. Be careful not to exceed the water line as you may end up overflowing your cup. Push the waterspout aside so you can pop in your favorite coffee grounds into the permanent filter resting in the filter holder. The filter can hold up to two scoops of coffee if you prefer an extra strong jolt on sleepy mornings. Once you are done with this, reset the spout, shut the lid, and hit the brew button at the base of the machine, right below the coffee mug. An indicator lamp mounted on the switch lights up to indicate the start of the brew.

In two minutes the coffee mug is filled with freshly brewed coffee with an aroma that is simply mouth-watering, but you will have to hold your horses. Water will continue to drip from the machine for another two minutes. This is really no problem though as the coffee is usually still too hot to drink. By the time the dripping stops, you can begin to enjoy your brew. You don't even have to turn the machine off. It will do that by itself.

The coffee mug has a capacity of 8 ounces. It comes with a lid, and it is constructed with double walls to keep your coffee hot longer. The lid also comes in handy if you like taking your coffee in your car as you rush to work.

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Single Cup Coffee Maker. Brookstone's single cup coffee maker brews the perfect cup--in just four minutes. When you're on your own or just need an afternoon pick-me-up, why bother making a whole pot? Simply pour a mug of water into your own personal coffee maker, add coffee and press the "brew" button...


  • Brews a fresh cup in two minutes.
  • Has reusable, permanent mesh filter.
  • Made of double-walled stainless steel to keep coffee hot.
  • Comes with travel mug and coffee scoop.
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